MAC workshop Niteroi 09/29/2015 photo: Eli Antonelli

Text: Eli Antonelli, journalist Brazil, Magazine Aurora Borealis, Norway and Brazilian Coffee Flavor Readings - art and education

05 March to 20 May 2016 is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro the exhibition "The art of telling stories" with works by various artists curated by Selene Wendt.

The exhibition will take place in the MAC Niterói which is undergoing renovations and will soon be open to the public with many new features.

We will follow the opening of the museum (which is in the works) and talk to the directors to know every detail of what lies ahead. It is expected many new features. Certainly the audience will be thrilled with the MAC.

Selene Wendt, Magne Furuholmen e Guilherme Vergara com parte da obra.


Anxiety with this exhibition is huge by artists, teachers, students, researchers, writers and many people related to music. In September 2015 there were workshops that have attracted many curiosities and interest in the big event.

The exhibition in addition to the guest curator, Selene Wendt, other curators of the institutions involved as MAC and Popular Art Museum Janet Costa, and the participation of Lucia collective Rose Dulcinea picker that will delight visitors with a full information catalog and done with great affection. It will be a big surprise for the visitors.

Among the participating artists the audience will be surprised at Gilvan Barreto; Dulcinea grooming; Marilá Dardot; Magne Furuholmen; William Kentridge; Lobato & Guimaraes; Cristina Lucas; Fabio Morais; Ernesto Neto; Ulf Nilsen; Andre Parente; Rodrigo Petrella; Rosana Ricalde; Eder Santos; Valeska Soares; Elida Tessler; Nina Yuen; Sergio Bernardes / Guilherme Vaz.

These artists use in the composition of his works installations, video projections, objects and environments enhancing the inseparable relationship between the sense of each work and its specific place.

The curator says that each work is a discourse, a form of enunciation or territory of experience, she reports, which takes place taking to oneself and being taken by the semantic and materials and architecture of the place. "The works are not objects of fixed narrative but, speakers and amplifying the voices and narratives that are produced by meetings with each player - visitor. - Traveler What then add as polyphony is the formation of a tissue path of multiple narratives crossing and crossed by travelers visitors landscape always present Boa Viagem "he says.

The exhibition is part of a 360-degree view that part of the celebrations of the MAC 20 a museum focusing on landscape and open to the public, where the landscape also includes the exhibits. The audience will be enchanted. New in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 celebration.

Workshop discussion time - Photo: Eli Antonelli29 / 09/2015

The exhibition content

Inspiration is based on renowned writers of books and bring in trained various authors of stories adored by pubic as Jorge Luis Borges, Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel García Márquez, Pablo Neruda and João Guimarães Rosa.

The exhibition will bring the impact of literature in the international art. Has as main influence the work "The Storyteller" by Mario Vargas Llosa. A history of deep personal struggle and a search for meaning and transformative discoveries.

It is impossible in a single report like this put the size of the exhibition and its importance. The audience will experience each time and build your own story from the exposed art in the MAC.

Anxiety for the official announcement of the exhibition schedule takes public account. Many people are calling the MAC to know the exact date of the exhibition opening.

Among the exhibition artists will present works of visual artist Magne Furuholmen also part of the group a-ha. One of the musical bands of great success in Brazil.

The artist has integrated workshops with young people. The intervention took place with clay blocks and aluminum letters. There were two workshops one accompanied by Luiz Guilherme Vergara, who focused on the word's origin, the ancient inscriptions on clay tábulas, your chances of senses, says the curator. Was aided by sculptor Keiko Mayama "Eighteen young people have experienced, then the experience to write or draw symbols on small plates of clay," said Selene.

The other workshop held on 29 September 2015. Magne along with the young stamped words and phrases in five clay blocks were mounted on MAC courtyard.

They were intentionally exposed to weathering left the deterioration natural.O artist Magne asked the group to register the changes in the blocks, an ephemeral art proposal that the process has more relevance, marked by collective action. Magne said the boys to the museum is like space art of all.

Anxiety for the exhibition opening

Fabi Machado Lorega is of Minas Gerais and was in Niterói Museum in October 2015 and was delighted with the parts that are exposed on the outside of the Museum "I saw part of what lies ahead and already fell in love. I'm looking forward to meeting all exhibition".

Ingryd and visual Arista Magne
Ingryd Portillo is passionate about art. "I have not had opportunity to know details about the artists that will be on display, but I'm curious. I'm the band's fan-ha and know Magne has works on display. I really like his work as a visual artist and I follow, I Love Paynes Gray and I am also seeking Transit book "

The analyst Maria Gabriela systems, based in Buenos Aires / Argentina and is delighted with the exhibition which will take place in Brazil "I'd love to see this exhibition and also know the works of the artist and keyboardist of the band Magne-ha that is the artist I had access that will be on display. I really want to know the work of others, look forward. I love literature and I was happy to know that this is the main focus, he says.

Challenges and dreams: Fatima Araujo building stories
Fatima Araujo is one of the people who are most dreaming in knowing the exhibition "The art of telling stories" curator Selene Wendt. You are already researching artists that have their works exhibited in Mac Niterói / RJ.

We had a serious illness in 2004 that she lost her leg movements. Fatima was diagnosed with progressive spinal muscular dystrophy. And today including books, poetry and music reconstructs his own story of dreams and hope.

Literature is one of the precious companions of Fatima. She loves to read to children's storybooks of nephews that illuminate your imagination. But it is also a fan of consecrated authors such as José de Alencar.

 He lives in Maranhão and worked as a shellfish picking oysters and clams on the fair Guara. Fatima is a band a-ha fan and has followed how can the career of visual artist Magne. (and keyboardist of the band a-ha), always seeking information on his personal website.

In addition to the limited mobility to be wheelchair, Fatima can not afford to pay a trip to the city of Rio de Janeiro, even though all barriers that prevent them from realizing the art in the museum MAC Niteroi, this is not enough to prevent dreams and believe it might be possible to feel and build together with museum visitors the impression that the various different artists show "The art of storytelling" intended to arouse the Brazilian public.

Soon the official program of the exhibition will be launched. We will follow every detail and bring more news to lovers of art.

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